Making the energy transition happen!

Climate Targets

At the Paris climate conference in 2015, 195 countries signed an agreement to limit global warming to below 2°C. Meeting this goal requires a rethink of how we all use and consume energy.

Insufficient Progress

Despite all the efforts, Europe is on course to miss the 2030 climate targets. Much more needs to be done. Let‘s make the energy transition happen using the full benefits that gas can offer.

Our Renewable Energy Future

Gas, wind and sun – providing Europe with clean heat, electricity and transport.

Quick wins for the climate are possible when renewables are combined with gas. The required technology and infrastructure are already in place to switch to gas in all sectors – heating, power generation and transport.

Gas provides the flexibility which is needed with an increasing share of variable renewables. When there is too little wind and sun, modern gas power generation supplies you with the electricity you need.

And when there is surplus electricity, innovative power-to-gas technology provides the ideal storage as well as renewable gas.

And what‘s more, in tomorrow‘s decentralised energy system micro CHPs and fuel cells produce your own, clean, reliable heat and electricity at home – an ideal partner for rooftop solar panels.

Roadmap for the Energy Transition

2030: Achieve quick wins for decarbonisation with gas.
2050: Complete the energy transition.

Quick Wins for the Climate

Gas is the efficient and low-cost solution for quick decarbonisation in all areas.


Getting more out of renewables by making use of surplus power.

Converting surplus power into renewable gas


Power-to-Gas is an innovative technology that converts surplus electricity into synthetic gas. It is the ideal solution to store excess electricity using the vast gas infrastructure.

Synthetic gas can be used in all sectors – heating, transport and power generation.

The technology is tried and tested and there are pilot plants all across Europe. With the right political framework, power-to-gas technology could go from bespoke to industrial and bring down the costs due to learning curve effects, similar to wind and solar energy over the last decade.

Fuel Cells and Micro-CHPs

Producing secure and clean heat and electricity for your home – at home.

Fuel cells and micro-CHPs are highly efficient technologies that provide you with secure and clean energy. You can use them to produce your own heat and electricity at home, plus, you can provide surplus electricity to your local grid.

As fuel cells and micro-CHPs produce electricity locally and can be used with solar panels, they make themselves a core feature of the decentralised energy system. This creates smart community solutions, while limiting the need for new cross-country power lines.

Europe is just setting out on this journey, while other countries, such as Japan, are already full steam ahead with plans to roll out five million fuel cells by 2030.

Living our Energy Future

Ameland shows it really is possible!
The Dutch island has put into action the smart combination of gas and renewables.

Policy Recommendations: